When Lucas delivered the Mexican woman's baby

by Lorain
(New Orleans, LA USA)

When the Rifleman first aired, I was 10 years old. I remember being amazed at how he shot that rifle ! Now since reading this site someone said it was a trick rifle. Anyway I loved that show. I am so glad that it is on TV again. The writing was fantastic ! Great stories that are actually relavent even today. Now I look at it everyday. It is so funny how nosy little Mark was. He was into everything and was an excellent actor. I'd like to know how he learned to act. He was so believable. I think children today should look at the show. They could really learn how to obey their parents from observing Mark. I read an interview that someone did with the adult Mark and he said his relationship with Chuck Conners was very good. There was a good chemistry between them I guess that is why they came off like a real father and son. It was also amazing in that old west fictional town of Norfolk that you could shoot a man and it was just business as usual someone would get shot and everyone would just walk away like nothing happened. The Lucas character was tough but also kind and gentle. He always showed compassion for people which provided good lessons for the Mark character. There were many episodes that I liked besides the one I mentioned above. I guess you could say I like all the episodes. It comes on at 5pm and I can't wait to get home after work to see it.

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