What a greart guy. My childhood hero.

by Ron Davis
(Fleming Island, FL)

I got to first meet my childhood hero, Lash LaRue, in 1972 at a Western Film Festival in Memphis, TN. We had a mutual friend so we got to spend a lot of time together at the convention. One of my most exciting moments at that convention was when I sat between Lash and two of the Statler Brothers (Don & Harold Reid) to view one of Lash's film. We had a blast talking about the different movie scenes. He was quite a character. I attended most of all of the Western Film Conventions back in the 70's and got the opportunity to visit with him often. Later on Lash actually moved to my home town of Jacksonville Florida and lived here for about two years, so I got the opportunity to meet with him and view his movies several times. At one of our meetings, I shared with him my album collection of his movies and his life. He said "Heck, Ron, you know more about me than I can remember". I felt very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with my childhood hero. Unfortunately, like a lot of our other heroes, he died too young. I got to meet a lot of my other Western heroes but, Lash was always my favorite. I still watch his and other "B" Western movies on a weekly basis. It was a part of my childhood that I don't want to give up. We all should have had heroes in our lives. You can tell by my statements that I was raised in the 40's & 50"s. What a great era.

My wife and I just recently went to a cowboy dance and I went dressed like Lash, all in black with the guns and whip. I won first place in the costume contest.

Will never forget my friend & hero Lash LaRue.

Ron Davis

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