Watching his movies when I was a kid and having the biggest crush on him!!!!

by Brenda
(Minden, LA, USA)

I read somewhere many, many years ago that Lash Larue did not own a home, and that he stayed with friends/relatives/whoever when he was on the road. I wonder if this is true. He had a lot wives & maybe he married so much just to have a place to stay that the women already had.

When my younger son was still little in 1980, I read in the Times in Shreveport, LA that Lash was going to be at the opening of a mobile home sales spot there in Shreveport so, since I had grown up watching his westerns, I made a beeline over there one day after work. I met Lash and saw his car, a big white Cadillac, an old one, with steer horns across the front of the hood. Awesome!! But he gave me a picture autographed to Jeffrey, my son, who didn't know who in the heck he was!! Lash was not impressed with the fact that one of his biggest fans - ME - was standing there in front of him. I was really disappointed, but I still loved hime in his tv show & I'm still glad I have an autographed picture of him on Black Diamond!!

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