Those early westerns !

by M. Black

I am 58 years old and while I was too small to remember very many individual episodes, I remember the lead-in to the show where "Lucas" is firing off his rifle & then looks into the camera.......great cinematography ! I grew up in Chicago and there were so many westerns that we used to watch as kids but had forgotten about since we were so small, probably 6 years old or so. I now live outside Dallas,TX and we have a western channel which shows alot of the westerns I grew up with but had not thought about or remembered in almost 50 years. These all bring back such fond memories:
Wagon Train
Death Valley Days
Remember acting out the shows in our backyard with our buddies too!
What a great time to grow up & what great shows !
Definately were the "good old days", they just don't make 'em like that anymore !

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Oct 16, 2015
So cool! NEW

wow! I would like to watch that westerns that you remember! They should be black and white and really great.

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