They've gotten even better with the passage of time.

by Cherokee
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I am so glad to see these re-runs of my favorite childhood heartthrob and his pal. I can't imagine how I was able to really appreciate the moral lessons that came from each episode at such a young age. Nor could I have understood the broken English musings of Pancho. But it didn't really matter at age ten. Heck! Cisco was so CUTE! (swoon...) Now, however, I find myself totally engrossed in those stories and especially in the quirky, mangled expressions that come from Pancho. Hilarious!!!
Thank goodness we are able to re-live some of those good-old-days and the memories they bring.
Oh yes...and I've noticed all of the Diablos as well. (thought I was losing my marbles at one point). Fun! Fun! Fun!!

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