The Roundups, The High Speed Horse Chases, When The Virginian Got Mad, Trampas' Antics, Judge Henry Garth, Randy, Belden's Quirky Ways, And The Ladies, Betsy, Jennifer And The Other Women

by Rafael Caban
(Chelsea Ma 02150)

With all due respect, after Bonanza and Gusmoke The Virginian was the best show of the 60's. I enjoyed the roundups,the cattle drives, the horses mostly. I liked the way the Virginian treated everyone a bit harsh at times but always with the utmost respectt. The Virginian and Tampus were two of the most beloved cowboys of the west. Belden, Randy, Judge Garth and the ladies were some of the most interesting characters in television. As a group they made the show the great hit that it was. To this day "I absolutely love this show" & I watch the re-runs as often as I can.

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