The Morgan Theatre, Grundy, VA (early 1950)

by Mary

When I was a girl, my dad worked for the Morgan Theatre. We often helped dad and got to stay to watch movies. We watched Lash every time there was a new release. In fact, you could say I idolized him.

Lash and Fuzzy made a visit to the theatre. Of course, this was much later. I remember looking for him. I was looking for the young gun that I had seen on screen for so long. Being a child, I was a little disappointed to see a much older man than in the movies but once I saw his signature whip and scar, I knew it was him.

Back then (as many of you may remember), you had a stage at the front of the theatre for special guests. I remember Fuzzy (Al St John), would hold cigarettes in his mouth for Lash to break in half. They performed their show and then off to the next small town.

I've often thought of Lash over the years and mused over my school-girl crush.

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