The Great "Whip-Off" between Lash LaRue And Whip Wilson

by Jim Brennan
(Columbia, South Carolina)

I was a huge fan of both Lash LaRue and Whip Wilson. I saw all their movies and even had a kids-size leather bullwhip. I was REALLY excited when it was announced that they would be in a movie together and that they would be adversaries and have a big whip fight. I couldn't wait to find out who the winner would be. I couldn't sleep a wink the night before the Saturday Kiddy Matinee when it would be shown. I went to the theatre with my cowboy outfit, my two cap pistols (like Hoppy wore) and my cowboy boots. All the kids turned out and everybody was arguing about who would win the big whip-off. The whole thing turned out to be anti-climactic because in the middle of the exciting whip fight, the bad guys rode in and attacked both of them and they had to join forces. In the end they prevailed and shook hands, parting as friends. I was rooting for Lash LaRue because he always wore black and looked so cool.

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