The Family

by Estela Schultz
(San Diego, CA)

As A young girl I absolutely adored Roy Rogers. He was the love of my life. My bedroom was covered with all his pictures:, Trigger, Dale, and I even had an autograph of Cheryl, Linda and Dusty. I shared my bedroom with my sister, and she didn't seem to mind my side of the room was covered with all things Roy Rogers and Dale Evens.

I was never able to see Roy or Dale in person. In the 1950's my father had passed away at a very young age, and all I could do was go to the Saturday matinee's at our local movie house and wait for Roy. I had to see Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy and just wait till Roy's movies came by.

To this day, when I think how I missed out on seeing Roy on TV in those days I cry, but, now that I am as old as Cheryl Rogers Barnett, she is 74 years old, and I am 75 years old, I am able to watch those wonderful TV shows that they made... thank goodness. I see them everyday on COZI in the San Diego area with Cox Cable. I believe, that now I have seen every episode maybe 4 to 5 times. But, I do not mind. Same thing with his movies, I have many of his movies and I watch them to this day. I do not know why, but even today, I adore both Roy and Dale and I am so sad that I missed out in seeing them.

I got married and had children and now grandchildren and I didn't keep up with Roy & Dale after I grew up.

I do not know why their children, Cheryl, Linda or Dusty have not finished the website they started. All there is, is a picture of Roy and Dale and that is all. Can someone help with the website? It would be wonderful.

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