The Cisco Kid was a favorite.

by S.L. Rhodes

I loved westerns growing up in New York State. I could watch them by the hour, and often did. Horses! The more, the better.
Watch The Cisco Kid. In almost every episode, three horses are used as The Cisco Kid's 'Diablo.' Look closely at the markings. You will see that 'the Kid' gets on one horse, rides off, and arrives at his destination, getting off a different horse.
I haven't seen this point mentioned, when I have looked into this on the net.
I bought DVDs of The Cisco Kid and easily see the difference in the horses. I told my husband, and everyone else of our era about the multiple horses. No one ever noticed.
Also, I would like to point out that since Leo Carrillo was 81 when he died in 1961, and the television show ended in 1956, only 5 years earlier, he was in his 70s when he was doing all that riding and fighting. Guess he wasn't in such bad shape after all!

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