The Cisco Kid comes to town

by john h.
(austell, ga. usa.)

In Oct., 1961, the Cisco Kid & his horse Diablo came to my hometown of Austell, Georgia as grand marshall of our fall festival that year. We all had a great time standing right next to one of our tv idols. I was 13 at the time and I remember being as tall as he was (around 5 feet 7 or so ). He had the original costume on with the guns which he fired a few times . They were very loud, believe me, like cannons going off! I remember a girl screaming at the blast! He first came into view coming out of the police station & then down the sidewalk in front of the city hall out in the small parking lot there. A fair crowd was around him & he was joking & laughing & really seemed like a real nice fellow who really enjoyed life. That was my impression of him. I was only about 5 feet from him & was surpised how short he was! He reached out & grabbed a chubby girl & kissed her right on the lips! She almost fainted I believe! His horse, Diablo, was kept in a rope pen during the visit. A schoolmate of mine spoke to him & found out that Diablo loved eskimo pies! He stayed all day, well past dark up on a podium doing some kind of auction. We left well before that to go home, which was just down the street. My friend, who later became fire chief, said that the town went nearly broke paying Cisco`s fee, but we all really enjoyed seeing a real live movie star right in our little town! I will always remember it! Hope this story may shed a little insight into the Cisco Kid! Thanks for reading.

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