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Pernell Roberts was bald & he didn't like horses.
None of the cast had ever been on a horse prior to being cast for the series.
Michael Landon wore his hair long to cover his ears which were large. He also wore it long in Little House on the Praire & he
used many horses during the shows run.

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Oct 09, 2016
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by: Anonymous

Michael Landon's original pinto horse, Cochise, was stoned to death in the stable where they were kept. The culprits were never found/arrested. If you watch carefully, the pinto marking on subsequent horses differed.

Michael Landon wore his hair long due to a "belief" of strength. Like Sampson and the strength in his hair, Michael had a superstition, if you will, about this relating to him, too.

Pernell Roberts also objected to the treatment of Native American storylines on the show which was another reason for his departure.

Dan blockers character Hoss was called that by his mother . If you see the episode which had her and her brother in the show, it explains the reason to call Eric "Hoss" due to its meaning in the Swedish language of being a big friendly man. Of course Hoss was a big baby, too.

On the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Michael Landon was often a guest, as was Lorne Greene and they often told the story about how none of them could rude, except Dan Blocker who was raised in Texas and even he wasn't that adept at it. When asked upon auditions about riding they of course all said yes and then went into riotous stories about the disaster of riding and the opening credits and not being able to stop the horses on the marks coming across the field.

They also joked about the certainty of the demise of any women who they fell in love with. Or the hilarity of the dialog in the first episodes and how snappily dramatic it was.

Oct 12, 2015
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I didn't know that. I wondered why my teacher asked about the play, especially about the episodes with horses. Funny, isn't it?

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