Pat Brady

by DTK
(southern Vermont)

I loved The Roy Rogers Show, watching it most Saturday mornings along with many other favorites, but tied for first place was Sky King. I lost all track of anything having to do with these shows and their characters. Yet, I do think I was aware of the smallest fraction of the fact that Roy had sponsored homes for boys.
Still, in my early fifties, I had a dream that Pat was found suffering from his liver condition. In the dream, I heard him ask his rescuers not to let Roy know, that Roy had done so much and he didn't want Roy called in, yet again. I can describe the terrain to a T. He was moved away from this location for medical treatment, from which (this time) he did not recover. Consciously, I knew nothing of the whole ailment, but you can think this was just a dream. OK. But sure was sharp & clear, with me having to figure out the alcoholism thread later. I then Googled it up, while I figured I knew.
I was never a fan of Pat, only Roy.

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