Pat Brady

by Sky (Dave) King

I loved watching The Roy Rogers Show on Saturday mornings, back when shows were worth watching, even if hokey by today's standards. I love the show, but was always irrated by Pat, as too silly for no reason, and the closing was so sappy, though I figure Roy & Dale loved it, as it was their signature theme song. I loved Trigger and Bullet best.

But then, truly out of nowhere some 40+ years later, I have this crazy dream: out West somewhere in real-time real-life, Pat is very ill, calling for the friend he always called for in these situations, Roy. I saw where he was found and how had to be brought to some kind of hospital, with Pat apologizing for causing Roy so much trouble,...again. I knew Pat died of alcholism. The dream felt so weirdly real, all the surrounding places so clear. Today, years later, I thought I'll look on-line and see what I can find. I found: natural causes, heart attack, and little more. Then I put in his name with alcholism...and found the fact that he had suffered from alcoholism following the war, dying in an alcohol rehab center. I'm sure, someone will say I heard something of the fact at one time, but I was genuinely startled by the dream and never forgot it. Waking up, it didn't feel like any dream I ever heard of.

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