My mom Dora Arthur

by Dora Browning
(Macon Georgia)

My mom was 14 when she first saw Lash on TV. She didn't have a TV till then. That was in 1956. Then when she was about 38 she got to meet Lash at Al E Gator restaurant in Orlando Florida, at the Florida Festival. Sky King and my mother were friends. Sky King came over and asked her to come to the table. So she did and he introduced her to Lash LA Rue. Now it is 2015 and she is sitting here on my porch telling about meeting him. She said it was the only time she met him but she saw Sky King almost every day for about 4 or 5 years. She has such nice memories of both of them. Thanks for the nice night with my mom hearing about both of them. As she told me the stories I pulled up the names. Thanks for the website. Dora Browning

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