My favorite actor is James Drury.The Virginian was so handsome & humble.

The Virginian reminded me of a very dear friend of mine who he is no longer with us. My friend was a Vietnam Vet and i guess the hardships he endured from the affects of that terrible war afterwards just was too much for him. I would always tell him how much he reminded me of James Drury & he would just smile, much the way the Virginian does. And when he would wear his cowboy attire he looked even more like him, horse and all. I have followed the show always, & my cable company shows it now so of course you can be sure I wont miss it. I thank God that James Drury is still with us. He is an outstanding actor. I only wish I could meet him in person. He is not given all the credit he deserves as an actor, but he has my support and I give him the standing novation he so much deserves.

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