My Cisco Kid Memories

by Charlie Swartzfager
(Evanston, IL USA)

I am almost 62 and started watching "The Cisco Kid" in reruns on Sundays in 1957 when I was 4. My father was an ALC Lutheran minister and he had just accepted a call to be the minister at 2 churches in Ohio..... One at Spencer and one at Homerville. These churches had different times for worship and SS. My older brother and I would attend SS in Spencer and then worship in Homerville. This left us about 1 hour between SS and Worship. My brother and I would race home , 3 houses away, to watch the reruns of The Cisco Kid and catch the beginning of Kit Carson. With some of my closest friends of the same age we will say"Hey, Ceesco!" in greeting. I do not have much of a memory for any individual shows, I just remember enjoying watching it with my big brother.

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