Michael and Lorne

by Terri

Two of the most generous and honest people you could ever know. I didn't meet them in person, but as a sick child my mother wrote to them both. I not only got autographed photos back, but they wrote them (not stamped on) and they were delivered special delivery. I believe that was one of the reasons I survived serious heart problems. I never missed an episode from 7 yrs old until it went off the air (so that's about 1965 to 1973. I also wrote both of them when they were ill and wished I could do for them what they did for me. I got a lovely letter from Nancy Greene after Lorne died. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them. Though I greatly admired Dan too, it was the "father son relationship" between Ben and Joe that seemed so real, and from what I saw and read evidently was real. I know they kept in touch and Michael referred to Lorne as his dad. Their graves are close--as were their deaths-- but I believe there was a great reunion in heaven in 1991!

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Oct 12, 2015
Awesome People NEW
by: essays4me.com

I can't but agree with you, Terri. I was looking forward to see them every time I came home and turned on the TV set. They are so great!

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