Memories of Roy

by Mike Newton
(Hamilton, Ohio)

I became a Roy Rogers fan at about age 5. I tbink I had seen one or two of his movies and since he was the King of the Cowboys, I figured he had to be the best. When I discovered that he and I were born in November, three days apart, I on Nov. 2 and he on Nov. 5, and both of us in Cincinnati, I knew I had the right choice. I was 12 when I finally got to meet him. Maybe I was a little old for cowboys. Should have been more interested in girls or baseball or something. But in retrospect, I'm glad I met him. He was at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. My dad was a local newspaper man and through his connections, we got to meet Roy. We were standing outside his dressing room, under the grandsstand, with some other people. All of a suddem. I heard his familiar voice, but he wasn't being the King of the Cowboys. He was being a dad to his two young boys. They evidently were cutting up in the next room. He told them in so many words that either they straightened up or he was coming over with a belt. I had heard the same words from my father and of course was surprized that he would be that loud in front of parents. But the parents outside got a kick out of it, and my father got a big laugh out of the surprized look on my face. However, we did get to go inside his dressing room. He was nice, pleasant and everyting you wanted your hero to be. His photo with me taken by my dad's Graphix holds a place of honor on my manel. He was truly an "American Idol."

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