Mark's Mother

by Robert Stichter
(Merced, Ca. USA)

I remember one episode where Mark McCain's mother was seen, but you don't get the connection until almost the end of the episode. Mark was bad sick with either influenza or typhoid, I forget which. He is near death and is in a dream world where he meets a woman who he seems to know, but he can't place her. She talks about Lucas, and tells Mark that he planted the flowers that are around their house in Northfork. Just before Mark wakes up from the coma he's in, he realizes just who the woman is. When she sends him back, she says something to the effect of, "Take care of your father, Mark."

He replies, "I will," and then it hits him. "MOM!" He wakes up, then, and it's another happy ending.

I think that's my favorite episode.

The Rifleman was one of the best shows on TV. It's too bad that more recent shows don't have what it had: good acting, good stories, and real feeling from the players.

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