Mark's Mother

by Patty

Lots of memories ... too many to tell. Met Johnny Crawford in person, sometime around 1968. He autographed my hand, lol. I too, was in love. Even had his records.
But, for his Mother, on the show, she died, although I'm not sure we ever learn how it happened. I remember one show, very clearly however, when Lucas says he had buried her 7 years earlier, in Oklahoma. Mark appeared to be maybe 12 yo at the time. I somehow vaguely remember that she got sick, but I'm not positive about that fact.

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Apr 03, 2013
They do tell us what happened to her NEW
by: Jane

She contracted smallpox. There was medicine available to save her but it had to be retrieved in another town. Lucas was going to go get it, but Margaret wanted him to stay with her and send her father instead. Unfortunately, he was an undependable drunk and on the way home stopped at a bar to throw back a few instead of rushing back with the meds for his daughter. When he did return to the ranch she had already died and Lucas was burying her. Lucas never forgave him, though Mark does in an episode when he comes to Northfork looking to make amends.

Jan 14, 2012
Mark's mother NEW
by: MHaywood

Wife and I was watching the Rifleman, and she asked what happen to Mark's mom, I thought she died of a illness/disease, but I'm not sure. I tried looking at various web site, but no-one seems to remember her at all, or if they do mention her, no-one is positive of how she died. If someone knows for sure, please post it.

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