Loved the cheerfulness of Cisco and Pancho!

by Celia McCann
(Ojai Valley, CA)

I didn't see the show until it went into syndication in the 1960's. My dad loved westerns and we were always watching them -- I just remember enjoying the charm of Cisco and Pancho.

Now -- I found the show on COZI TV and started looking up some factual information. It has been a lot of fun to find info about Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo (what initially caught my eye was Leo's name because of the beach named after him...I began to wonder why).

Then I started looking up the other actors and it has truly been enjoyable! So many of the actors were on other TV shows and in movies as well. For instance, Marsha Jones had been in 2 Shirley Temple movies. Denver Pyle went on to be on Andy's Griffith's show, etc.

The period of time in which Renaldo missed 9 episodes due to an injury is interesting, too. I found that I can see these episode on HULU online (he was in the hospital and had to have his line taped so that it would appear he was talking for his stand-in, which was somewhat clumsy footage).

I also found a FACEBOOK page for fans:

I do so enjoy the show!

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