Like you Diablo was the horse I loved, but the Cisco kid was a great show

(Calliham Texas US)

When I was a little boy my father was a POW in Korea. All my uncles were cowboys. So that's what I wanted to be growing up. When my father returned from the Korean war, We went to Fort Bragg N.C. and than moved to Okanawa Japan when I was 13 years old. On Okanawa the airforce had a riding stables for everyone if they wanted to ride or learn to ride. A friend and me worked there during the summer. Then I went into the army and served 20 years. Two in Viet-Nam where I was wounded twice. I retired and went into Texas Law enforcement and still work as a law man. But I also do team roping and work cattle. All through my life I have loved the cowboy shows on TV. Most of all Roy Rodgers because of his love for God. But back than all of the good guys always did the right things. That's why I still love the old cowboy shows. May God rest them all. Thank you for having this site.

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