Lash La Rue

Though my memories of this particular show are a little thin, what I do remember most was that everything about Lash La Rue was black - his outfit, his hat, and his horse "Black Diamond"!

Background of the Show

Alfred La Rue was an actor who had done a couple of musicals and appeared in a Western film in 1944 as the Cheyenne Kid. He was exceptionally skilled with a bullwhip which is what got him cast and renamed as Lash La Rue, the character that he would be best known for over the rest of his career. That 18 ft. long bullwhip was his trademark!

He was a star of B-grade Western movies in the 1940's and those movies were recycled into the 15-minute TV shows which aired during the first 4 months of 1953.

All About the Show

Lash was a U.S. Marshall and each show began with him seated in his office, telling a story about his grandfather. Funny thing is that his grandfather was also a marshall, had the same name, and looked just like the Lash La Rue that we all knew! Maybe that's because the TV show was made up of clips from his old movies!

A couple of things made Lash La Rue different from all the other cowboy heroes of that time. First, he didn't sound like them. He had more of a city, tough-guy accent, a little like Humphrey Bogart which is pretty funny because he even looked a little like Bogie! And he dressed all in black which added to his tough-guy image. But the big thing that really set him apart from the others was how he used that bullwhip!

Like all of the other very early TV cowboy heroes, however, Lash had a trusty partner (his deputy), Fuzzy Q. Jones (played by Al St. John). Fuzzy was probably called that because of his scruffy beard!

With his 18 ft. long bullwhip and Fuzzy's help, Lash outdid the bad guys in very short order! Remember, it was only a 15-minute show!

What Happened to the Actors?

Throughout the 1950's, LASH LA RUE appeared many times on various TV shows and had several different roles in the movie "Judge Roy Bean". He also had a continuing role as Sheriff Johnny Behan on the TV series "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp". After interest in Westerns faded, he made a living by making appearances at conventions for Western film buffs.

Lash became a born-again Christian and an evangelist on the rodeo and country music circuit, but he had financial troubles and problems with the IRS which made it difficult for him to work. Late in his career he appeared in 2 low-budget horror films ("Alien Outlaw" and "Dark Power") and he returned often to his native Louisiana where he would appear in jam sessions at the "Dew Drop Inn". He was a very good guitar player, popular and well-liked by many.

Lash La Rue died at age 79 in Burbank, California on May 21, 1996 from Emphysema. He is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

AL ST. JOHN was from a Vaudevillian family, was known for being very acrobatic, and appeared in 346 movies in the 4 decades from 1912 to 1952. Later in his career he made personal appearances at rodeos and fairs, and travelled with the Tommy Scott Wild West Show.

He died at age 70 in Lyons, Georgia on January 21, 1963.

What do you remember most about Lash LaRue?

I know there are lots of Lash LaRue fans out there because this is the most visited page on my website! So please share your memories of this great old TV cowboy.

In the years after his TV show, Lash often went back to his native Louisiana where he did jam sessions at the "Dew Drop Inn". He played a good guitar and was very popular. Is anyone out there who might have actually seen him there?? Everyone would love to hear your story about that, too!

Lash LaRue Memories

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At the Kentucky State Fair one year Lash LaRue was appearing and I had the privilege of being the one to get to be on stage with him. I held a piece of …

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My twin brother and I are 67 years old, he looks it...I don't!. We were born and raised in Natchitoches, LA. The movie Horse Soldiers with John Wayne, …

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Lash LaRue married Mary Alice Wilkinson in Shreveport, Louisiana in the 1940s. She was my mother's first cousin. She went to California but they later …

Lash memorabilia 
I came across a metal poster for Las LaRue childrens outfits...... really neat.

Lash LaRue Comic Book 
Can anyone remember a late 1940s or very early 1950s Lash LaRue comic book in which Lash and his friends were in peril from a lighted stick of dynamite …

Lash LaRue in Kenosha, Wisconsin Not rated yet
My mom and dad and I met Lash LaRue at a carnival in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the 50’s. This was quite a thrill.

A rare sighting Not rated yet
Just saw today a Lash Larue marathon on encore tv. When i was very young in the early 50s, I saw Lash on tv and he immediately became my favorite. I …

Remembering Lash and the other western heroes. Not rated yet
Although I went to school with Faye Dunaway, I didn't even get her autograph on my yearbook. But Lash LaRue came through town in the 50"s and I got his …

Lash on TV Not rated yet
I can't remember the year, but I could not wait until the next Lash LaRue show came on. Of course there were other western heroes, such as Gene, Roy, …

The Morgan Theatre, Grundy, VA (early 1950) Not rated yet
When I was a girl, my dad worked for the Morgan Theatre. We often helped dad and got to stay to watch movies. We watched Lash every time there was a new …

The way he handled that whip & the way he wore his hat Not rated yet
i was a simple black girl, 12 yrs. old, growing up in Chattanooga, TN. Now I'm 69 yrs. old, still in Chattanooga, I thank God for Lash Larue and the …

All star Western Not rated yet
When I was a boy I remember seeing Lash in a movie or TV show that featured Hopalong Cassidy and some other top cowboy stars. Does anyone else remember …

It is good to see so many people remember Lash LaRue! Not rated yet
I remember seeing your post a while back regarding Uncle Lash playing a guitar. I never knew he did so. My dad (television's Jimmie Jackson) was his …

What a greart guy. My childhood hero. Not rated yet
I got to first meet my childhood hero, Lash LaRue, in 1972 at a Western Film Festival in Memphis, TN. We had a mutual friend so we got to spend a lot of …

Gun Show in Alabama Not rated yet
Lash LaRue made an appearance at a gun show in Birmingham, Alabama. He autographed a poster of himself with the bull whip and Fuzzy. Thank you, Lash, …

My Dad and Lash LaRue Not rated yet
My Dad suffered from polio and had many surgeries as a result. He had just had another surgery when Lash LaRue was to appear in his town, Greenville, SC. …

Alabama State Fair Not rated yet
In the early or mid 1950's my family saw Lash LaRue at the Alabama State Fair. My brother & I enjoyed his show so much that we played "Lash LaRue" when …

So Many Fans Not rated yet
In the mid 1990's I was a cake decorator in Tulsa OK. I was asked to make a birthday cake for a man that was in the hospital on his birthday. I drew …

How Fuzzy Got His Name Not rated yet
Fred Scott was set to play a singing cowboy in a series of films for Spectrum Pictures in 1936 with Fuzzy Knight as his sidekick. Fuzzy Knight backed out …

Enjoying his movies Not rated yet
As a young boy and teenager I loved Lash LaRue movies. He was alwys was the coolest of the western movie stars. Every Sat. afternoon I would go alone, …

Watching his movies when I was a kid and having the biggest crush on him!!!! Not rated yet
I read somewhere many, many years ago that Lash Larue did not own a home, and that he stayed with friends/relatives/whoever when he was on the road. I …

Meeting Lash at festivals Not rated yet
I recall the first time I met Lash LaRue. A movie dealer friend of mine always had a small collector's show at a local hotel. He would bring posters …

A Fuzzy Q Jones incident Not rated yet
When I was a kid the outdoor Western Parks were popular.Folks like Ken Maynard,Lulabelle & Scotty, Curly Bradly (radio's Tom Mix), Red Foley and so on …

Lash came to a party at our house Not rated yet
When I was eight years old, my father managed several black, segregated movie theatres in Jacksonville, FL. Lash Larue regularly made personal appearance …

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Met Lash La Rue in Person Not rated yet
I got to Meet Lash La Rue in person, in Flint, MI 1955. Just him and My mom and Dad and my Younger brother. He was in a Wild West show at our town during …

good old cowboy shows Not rated yet
i was very young at the time and i was in love with Lash. I loved his voice and his rough character. And it is true that he looked like Humphrey Bogart. …

Cowboy Memories Not rated yet
As a child I saw Lash LaRue at our theatre in Pompano Beach, Florida. He came to our theatre around the middle 1950s. I always did like his movies. I …

signed card Not rated yet
i have one of Lash's old friendship club cards. He signed it to my mom. Its pretty cool..... just dont know what to do with it!

Seeing Lash in Person Not rated yet
It was 1947 when Lash was at the Roxy picture show in Jacksonville FL. I was a ten year old boy.Lash asked me to hold a coke bottle in my hand. I was on …

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