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Jan 28, 2012
Lash's ability with a whip
by: Mike Newton

This is in answer to the reader who commented on Lash's ability to do the impossible with his whip. He was at a western film festival years ago and talked about how popular his comic books were. He chuckled when he related how they (the comic book artists) would have him do incredible stunts that couldn't be done on the screen. In one story, he was falling down a well. In mid-air, he gets his whip out and lassoes the wooden trowel that holds the bucket rope. He then climbs up the side of the well, holding onto the whip. This was very much like the scenes in the Westerns where the hero ties his rope around the saddle horn, from inside a jail cell, and the horse pulls the bars out. I think that even if there had not been a real Lash LaRue, the comic books would have invented him.

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