Judy Morse Braddy

by Judy Braddy
(Wichita Falls, Tx,. )

I always loved them. Duncan was 30 or 40 years younger than Leo. They were smart looking, and always got a good laugh at the end of the show. Or I would wave good by as they would ride up to the screen and wave goodbye.
I saw them in person in St. Louis, Mo. Mother took me to see them and I got to shake their hands. At 8 or 10 years old I was the same height as they were, which I still remember vividly. Today, I watch their shows on T.V. I do not have cable or anything else and they are on a Family Channel. I probably have seen most of the shows. Those men and T.V. cowboys have stayed with me even now. My house is decorated with Cowboys and Indian. I still go to get their autographs in Chandler, Ar. at the yearly Western get together in March.

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