It's impossible for me to choose but, If I really have to, it would be Chester. (Mister Dillon!)

by Johnnie R. Eye
(Steelville Mo. USA)

They both were so good. But they were as different as night and day. Chester was so funny in different things he would say, or do. The way he mastered that stiff leg, when I was a kid as I watched, I really believed he had a stiff leg. And some of the things he would say as he and Doc had one if their conversations ( I guess you could call it a conversation). The way he'd try to explain himself to Doc. I just looked forward to listening to their talking. Some times Ole DOC would leave poor Chester look, and act dumfounded. But some how he always came up with some kind of an answer. And there were times Chester left Doc speechless. I loved the show, and everyone that played their part in it. I'm very lucky, I get to watch it three times a day. I usually go to sleep on the couch watching Gunsmoke. What a way to end a long day. Johnnie R Eye

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