I remember the Cisco Kid

by Lewis Gooch
(Dallas Texas)

I use to watch his show on TV as a kid.
I joined the Air Force and went to San Antonio. After I got out of the AF I returned to San Antonio and there I met his son Jerry Renaldo.
While we were there Duncan came to visit Jerry at his home and we were invited to a party to meet Duncan. I took one look at him and though older and white haired, it was "The Cisco Kid"!
Jerry and I remained friends for over 30 years and I had a chanch to meet his brother Richard on a visit to Calif. There was another brother and a sister whom I never met.
After living in San Antonio I moved to Denver, Colo and by chanch Jerry moved there too. We met up again and renewed the friendship. He remarried and has a wife and daughter living in the Denver area with whom I still maintain contact. Jerry died there about 10 years ago.
There was a story about his Father wanting to have a show "The Return Of The Cisco Kid" with Jerry being the new CK but for one reason or another never happened.
All this is making a long story short.
I have some original Cisco Kid memorbilia Jerry gave to me.
I miss him.

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