How Funny Joe and Hoss Are

by Kayla
(Florida )

I've been watching Bonanza since I was 11 years old now & I'M 13. I have a CD case with two Bonanza episodes and they are called "Escape to Ponderosa" and "The Gunmen". The first one I saw was "Escape to Ponderosa",it was very exciting for me and when I saw Joe I fell in LOVE with him. The funny part in that one is in the begining when Hoss is building cards and Joe says right in front of them,"see when I mean? I'M proud of You, I mean I'M really PROUD OF YOU!". What do You know the cards fell and Hoss said "dad-gumit Little Joe!"and he got mad and started chasing Joe and when Hoss got him he keeps on squeezing Joe and that part made me laugh sooooo hard! In "The Gunmen" there were many funny parts, the one I LOVE is when there claiming out the window when it's dark and Hoss makes so much noise. They hide behind the water thing and the guys are shooting at them and the water is spraying them and Hoss starts drinking it and I think Joe says,"Hey,what are You doing?"and Hoss says,"Getting shot at makes me thirsty." That part made me laugh hard too. Ever since that I've been watching Bonanza on MeTV at 2:00 but there is school, work, and my sister doesn't like it so, when I was 12 I started watching them on YouTube. I've mostly seen all of them and every time I would laugh and laugh sooooo hard that I couldn't breath. BONANZA makes my day and I LOVE LITTLE JOE (and MICHAEL LANDON) and the rest of them. Bonanza will never end with people like You and me LOVE'IN it!

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