Hoppy's Favorite Pudding

by Joann Hinz
(Canandaigua, Ny, USA)

My father invented a dessert called Burnett's Instant Pudding when he worked as a chemist for American Home Foods in Rochester, NY during the late 1940s-early 1950s. We kids were the guinea pigs who had to test all the experimental batches and as a result we came to dread dessert after dinner.
One night Dad announced that our favorite TV cowboy, Hopalong Cassidy, had been hired as the spokesman for Dad's pudding, and even better, he was coming to Rochester. Although we dreamed of meeting him, that was not to be. Instead, Dad came home and held out his right hand, boasting, "You kids, I shook Hoppy's hand today!" What a disappointment!
But we still loved Hoppy and would watch the show, almost hypnotized. My favorite thing was that Hoppy almost never shot to kill. Instead, he would shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand! I adored his big white horse Topper. If I rode the merry-go-road at Roseland, a nearby amusement park, I always wanted to climb up on the white horse and imagine that I was riding the range on Topper.
Through Google I found a photo of a Burnett's box with Hoppy's picture on it. I'll try to upload it below.

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