Hopalong Cassidy

You know what I remember most about Hopalong Cassidy? Not his horse "Topper", even though I was a real horse nut when I was a kid. Here goes - it was his hat! Remember that big, black hat? Hoppy's hat was bigger and taller than any of the other cowboy's hats!

Background of the Show

So where did this old TV cowboy come from?

Long before the TV show ever began in 1945, there was a 1935 movie written by Clarence E. Mulford that was called "Hop-Along Cassidy". William Boyd won the title role but the original crusty, rough-living, hard-drinking cowpoke character was recreated as a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-swearing hero. This fellow was really the inspiration for the character that we all loved on TV.

The new Hopalong Cassidy was a far cry from that gimpy-legged cowboy from Mulford's early stories. He was a true Knight of the West! And he looked the part, too, dressed all in black with that big black hat covering most of his silver white hair.

All About the Show

Just like a Knight, he rode a big, beautiful white horse (outfitted with black saddle and bridle), and together they were quite a sight as they chased the villain to his doom every week! And, as usual, Hoppy did all of that without getting his duds dirty or losing that big hat!

The Adventures of Hopalong Cassidy (who was played by William Boyd) was shown on New York television as early as 1945, but the regular TV series that we all remember began in 1949 and ended in 1951. Those were the shows with the funny, bearded Gabby Hayes as his sidekick.


Gabby Hayes was probably the most famous sidekick in Western movies during the 1930's and 1940's, playing opposite Randolph Scott, Roy Rogers, Wild Bill Elliott and, of course, Hopalong Cassidy in more than 40 cowboy dramas.

In 1952 and 1953 William Boyd had a new sidekick (Edgar Buchanan) and made a whole new series of original TV films. Those were shown in syndication for many years.

What About the Actors?

WILLIAM BOYD (that was his real name!) was born June 5, 1895 in Ohio, the son of a day laborer. After his father died, William moved to California and worked various jobs such as orange picker, auto salesman, surveyor, and as a film "extra" which gave him his start in the movies in the 1920's.

Before he became the cowboy star that we all loved, he had a reputation as a "party animal" who drank way too much and really loved the ladies! But a very odd mistake in 1931 changed his life. There was another actor named William Boyd who was older than our (future) Hoppy. This older William Boyd was arrested on a "morals" charge and, before the identity was confirmed, newspapermen who assumed it was our William Boyd ran his picture along with a story of the arrest. Because of his reputation, they assumed it was the younger William Boyd. It ruined his reputation as an actor and he drowned his sorrows by drinking even more. His career went to pot because no one would hire him. After 3 years, he sobered up and landed the role of Hopalong Cassidy! He quit drinking, smoking, and partying and made a vow to help strengthen his "friends" (as he called his young fans).

William Boyd was smart enough to spend $350,000 to buy the rights to the character of Hopalong, and the film series. He released these films to television in 1949 where they became extremely popular and began the long-running genre of Westerns on TV. He also licensed merchandise like Hoppy watches, cowboy outfits, dishes, etc. (as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry did) and became quite wealthy. His high standards caused him to refuse to license any product that he viewed as unsuitable or dangerous, and he made no personal appearances at which his "friends" (fans) would be charged admission.

He appeared as Hopalong Cassidy on numerous national magazine covers, including "Look" in August of 1950 and "Time" in November of 1950. William also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was inducted posthumously into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1995.

He was married 5 times (Laura Maynard, Ruth Miller, Elinor Fair, Dorothy Sebastian, and Grace Bradley). He had only 1 son, with wife Elinor Fair, who died at just 9 months of age.

William Boyd died in Laguna Beach, California from complications of Parkinson's disease and heart failure on September 12, 1972 at the age of 77, survived by his fifth wife Grace Bradley Boyd.

GEORGE "GABBY" HAYES died of cardiovascular disease in Burbank, CA in 1969 at the age of 83. He was married, but had no children.

What is your favorite memory of Hopalong Cassidy?

So what do you remember most about Hoppy? Please share your memories with us!

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My brother was named Cassidy and I was named Cassilene both named after Hopalong Cassidy. Family of Hopalong fans!!!!

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Hoppy's laugh was contagious! I always thought he was really Butch Cassidy and his gimpy leg was from a gun shot wound he recieved while robbing a bank! …

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Hoppy would give a short piece of advice to his young friends such as minding our parents and never calling a policeman a "cop", but "sir" or "officer." …

Hoppy was great! Not rated yet
He did so many Westerns & I just loved them!

Hoppy's Favorite Pudding Not rated yet
My father invented a dessert called Burnett's Instant Pudding when he worked as a chemist for American Home Foods in Rochester, NY during the late 1940s-early …

His laugh Not rated yet
I think he had the most pleasant laugh I have ever heard.

Gabby Hayes..over 70 movies Not rated yet
Hayes had a chance meeting with producer Trem Carr, who liked his look and gave him thirty roles over the next six years. In his early career, Hayes was …

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Hoppy's laugh Not rated yet
He had a great laugh & I just loved it!

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I was about 10 years old and saw him at Midway Airport in Chicago in the early 1950's. I was too shy to go up to him but he graciously came to me and gave …

Hoppy was the grand marshal at a Memorial Day parade in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio when I was a child in the early 1950's.

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I first saw Hopalong Cassidy movies on a small round TV when visiting relatives in the 40's. Then I got a girl's Hoppy outfit. I mainly remember the …

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Approx 1949 or 1950, in Tucson AZ during a rodeo parade in downtown Tucson, Hoppy, on his horse, stopped in front of my Dad and me. He mentioned my red …

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I saw Hopalong as a child for the first time on a television in a hardware store. The manger of that store allowed the local children to come and sit on …


His Black outfit, white horse, and two six shooters. Not rated yet
I remember Hoppy always had a bit of a smile if he wasn't outright laughing. He would talk of his fans, calling them his little pardners, more times than …

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Saturday mornings... couldn't wait! I was glued to that 10" screen with Hoppy, Gabby Hays, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans.

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Hoppy came to the Apple Blossom Festival parade in Winchester,Va, in 1952. He was grand marshall; as a five year old I could hardly wait for him to come …

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I just loved the way Hoppy dressed. The all black outfit was great!

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There were so many great episodes, I just loved the program! Hopalong and Gabby - what great partners they made! How I wish we still had these old time …

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Everything about William Boyd as Hoppy is memorable. But, if I had to pick out one thing, it would be the kindness and love he gave back to the fans that …

A Real Hero in the True Sense Not rated yet
His good guy image. It was pure and real. There was never any hard knock down fist fights; and being the good guy, he always saved the day. He was very …


his friendly laugh Not rated yet
Hoppy always saved the day, and you could ALWAYS TRUST HIM!

first tv show Not rated yet
Hopalong Cassidy was the first televisipn show I saw when TV first came out in Fairbanks, Alaska. And it was on the first tv our family owned, around …

All the funny jokes and acts that he put on Not rated yet
I really enjoyed all Hoppy's great movies and there were a lot of funny episodes in his TV show.

Great family show Not rated yet
I remember watching Hopalong Cassidy with my wife and kids back in the 60. He was the only cowboy who asked for a glass of milk at the bar.

Memories of Hoppy Not rated yet
I didn't have a television set in the early years when Hoppy was on TV. You would see his photo on cookie boxes, bread labels, and various merchandise. …

Parade Lead Not rated yet
One of my best memories is watching "Hoppy" lead the Thanksgiving day parade sometime in the 50s.

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