His good looks, of course!! haha

by Brenda
(Minden, LA)

No story to tell, really. I'm just one of thousands of little girls who had the biggest crush on Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lash LaRue, Rex Allen, well, you name a cowboy and I'd daydream about runnin' away with him. Then I'd come back to reality, pick up my books and go to school. Little girls are somethin' else. I do remember the Sons of the Pioneers singing with Roy Rogers, and didn't know until just the last few years that Ken Curtis was at one time one of the pioneers! Imagine that!! And he sang "My Silver Bell" beautifully, when I had no idea that was Ken Curtis/Festus singing! Nobody paid much attention to ol' Bullet, the wonder dog, until they needed him to get them out of a mess, and he was just as talented as the 'Triggers' were. Later, y'all. "Happy Trails"

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