His Black outfit, white horse, and two six shooters.

by Jack McCray
(Salem, Va)

I remember Hoppy always had a bit of a smile if he wasn't outright laughing. He would talk of his fans, calling them his little pardners, more times than not he would call them his little Pards. I knew in my heart he was talking directly at me. I do remember there was a time, I may have been seven or eight (not sure). I heard he was going to be Virginia, I don't what town. My family lived in Salem Virginia & our first television was trade-in that needed repairs. We were able to get it working and guess what? The first western I saw, none other than Hopalong himself. From that point on he was my man, the only Cowboy to go into a bar and ask for milk, how is that for being straight laced. Well back to him coming to Virginia. I begged and pleaded for us to go, but my dad said we could not afford it, & our car may not have made it anyway. Many years later I had children and of course when they were old enough I had to tell them of my hero. Upon his passing later I felt an empty spot in me heart, I had lost my Pard.

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