Growing up watching The Lone Ranger

by Charles Bean
(Terre Haute, IN U.S.A.)

I was born in 1950 and my favorite television program was The Lone Ranger. I valued the character of The Lone Ranger, the way he spoke, the way he helped people and how he fought for justice.

I enjoyed and made it a point of watching every episode. Clayton Moore made the perfect Lone Ranger. I can say that my life was greatly influenced by the Lone Ranger. I consider The Lone Ranger as more than a television program for kids, it was a learning and moral developing program for kids. I think kids today can learn alot by watching The Lone Ranger.

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Dec 19, 2012
John Hart as the Lone Ranger NEW
by: Benjamin QuiƱones

John Hart was mainly a stunt actor. So, when Clayton Moore had some problems with the television studio, he replaced Moore for one season, but Hart was not fully accepted by the public. Eventually, Clayton Moore returned to the show after solving the difficulties with the studio.

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