Great 90 minute Western

by Ed
(Waterbury, Ct.)

I was 9-18 years old when the Virginian aired (1962-71). It was the first adult show I watched on TV. I liked Both Doug McClure and James Drury. Good stories, plots & action with minimal gore, and lots of great guest stars such as Bette Davis, Diane Baker, Tom Tryon, Charles Bronson, Ricardo Montalban & Joan Collins etc.... Favorite episodes were with Diane Baker (Stagecoach from Texas with stolen money), Greek mail order bride for Greek rancher, and Golden Tom (ex gunfighter-con), among many others. I am glad James Drury is still around at age 79. Sorry to hear about Doug McClure's death at a relatively young age. Cozi TV in Ct. runs the series twice a day, Monday-Friday, and once on the weekends, so I can see all of the 249 episodes.

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