good guy morality

by Warren O'Leary
(tecumseh, Mi.)

Clayton Moore designed his own cowboy outfit; tightest among all the Hollywood cowboys. He was a trapeze artist prior to acting; this probably influenced his tight clothing preference. He also used Nudie Cohn, rodeo designer to the cowboy stars, to make his idea reality. Others might have thought his style of outfit unbecoming, but I think his choice of fashion was fine, then & now.

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Apr 22, 2013
Lone Ranger NEW
by: Brenda

Up until now, I never thought about the tightness of the Lone Ranger's pants! We were kids, for cryin' out loud! All WE knew were "Hi Yo Silver Awaaaaaay!" That and his silver bullet. He always made a point, though, of never killing anyone. Might shoot a gun out of someone's hand, but he never killed anyone. I hope I don't have him mixed up with Roy Rogers or Gene ! And the rating above is not mine. It's just that the 5 star was up there before I ever read this, so I didn't want to give it a 5 ahead of time.

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