Festus Haggen

by Joyce McCraw
(Garden City,S.C.)

Gunsmoke was an exceptional show with an exceptional cast & that comes along very rarely! Whoever put this cast together KNEW what they had! I loved it then & still love it today! I get 2 shows a day & have seen episodes over & over! They never get old! One episode that's not been mentioned was one called "Mike", with Michael Learned, where she saved Matt's life & thats the ONLY time I saw Matt kiss a woman- period! As for Festus,he turned his character into a real, life sized person whom you just couldn't help but love!! I loved his episodes best. How could you not love that lop eared, twangedy, lovesome person who rode a mule named Ruth! Those were when TV was decent & I still love them & watch everyday! Best was when Festus & Doc would get "into it" & Doc would wink at Kitty! A wonderful show that will never be again! Those were the days, my friend!!!

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May 24, 2015
Only Time Matt Kissed a Lady NEW
by: Keith Payne Hawkswill

That was a super episode: Season 19, Episode 3 Matt's Love Story (24 Sep. 1973). Not only was Michael Learned in it, But also Victor French who was in a great many episodes and also directed quite a few. This episode was the Base for the first GUNSMOKE MOVIE, when Michael played Mike Yardner again, who then had a huge ranch....it was called:

She had a daughter who just happened to be the same age as one would have been should she have been conceived the night that Matt and Mike slept together. Loved that one!

None of the other original cast was in it. If you are a Gunsmoke fan and haven't seen the movies.....look them up. You are in for a treat. Matt is a "Mountain Man" type who goes up into the mountains to trap and collect the fur and skins. Still rough and rugged Matt! KEITH

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