Everybody knew Ms Kitty was Matt's lady. She said so, though they never kissed. But she did kiss him once on the cheek. On one show Matt said he couldnt live without her. I remember when Kitty was attacked and shot, Matt told her "I cant live with out you, Kitty". After she came to she told Doc she couldnt live without Matt either.

I also remember that another man wanted to marry Kitty, in another episode, and the whole town was upset because everyone knew she was Matt's woman. But Matt gave her room to choose. She went to his office to asked what she should do. She said they'd been together 17 years and now she is older and needed to know if there was more for them. In the end she stayed in Dodge with Matt. Festus and Doc saw Matt and Kitty later, hugging each other walking across the street and they smiled and were happy to know they were staying together.

I love Gunsmoke & my family laughs at me because they're not allowed to talk when Matt Dillion is on.

Festus called Matt "Matthew" a lot which I liked because he was so loyal. Festus would get tears in his eyes if Doc or anyone was hurt. He was tough yet gentle & willing to die for his friends. I remember when he took a bullett for Doc and all the times he was willing to do anything to help Matt. Like the time Kitty was attacked and Matt went off to kill the man that did it. He told Festus not to come to his aid, but Festus and Newly came anyway, along with all the men in Dodge. Everybody loved Matt and Kitty and that day they kept Matt from comitting murder.

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