Doug McClure

by Nancy E. Barr
(Burbank California )

Dougie was one of my best friends & I'm still in touch with his widow, Diane. Chuck Courtney, also one of Dougie's best friends, was a stuntman in many of The VIRGINIAN's episodes. I can't remember how I met Dougie...but were great friends til the day he died.

I would make homemade brownies for the set. Dougie named me The Mascot & I was very proud of that name. When he would go to the hospital daily to get his treatments for the lung cancer he always stopped to see me at Warner Bros. where I was doing production coordinating on a movie. We would have lunch together in the exec. dining room frequently. Sometimes we stopped by Clint Eastwood's office so Dougie could say hello.
I took so many black and white pix of him. He would sit in a cane backed chair, if I were not there yet. The day of his memorial, when I returned, the cane backed chair was gone? I have always said he took it with him! That chair was there long before Dougie came to visit...very strange that it was gone the day of his memorial.

I adored Jim Drury too...he gave me the nicest compliment I ever got. We were friends but not as friendly as Dougie and I were.

Dougie's ex wife Helen used to call me when I would take care of Chuck Courtney's house. she was trying so hard to get back with him thru me. I was in the middle of many of his romances. He left Taney McClure with me at Chuck's, (he was a bachelor til he was 40), when he had a date...I think Taney was 13 at the time. But she does not remember that night with me.

I miss Dougie so very much...yes, he died so very young. Always in my thoughts.

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