The Cisco Kid

You know what I liked best about the Cisco Kid? His horse Diablo! I was a real "horse nut" when I was a kid, but Diablo was beautiful! More than just a black and white horse, he was a spectacular pinto with dramatic, jagged markings. Even his eyes were like albino - white! I can still see Diablo in my mind. And, of course, the 2 stars - Cisco and Pancho.

Want to see a clip of the opening of the show? Just click on the center button in the video box below and watch Cisco and Pancho ride across the screen again!

Background of the Show

Back in about 1929 there was a short story written that was called The Caballero's Way. It was about a bandit like Robin Hood who took from the rich and gave to the poor.

This character turned up in silent films and later, in the 1940's, in a popular radio series; there was even a comic strip that lasted until 1968.

So the TV character of the Cisco Kid was modeled after that bandito from the short story.

All about the Show

The Cisco Kid flick was on TV from 1950 to 1956.

An actor named Duncan Renaldo played the part of Cisco. His trusty sidekick Pancho was played by a guy named Leo Carrillo. They made quite a team on TV!

Cisco and Pancho wandered all around the old Southwest, running off bad guys and saving the day for whoever was in need. They were a fun-loving pair. Cisco was a Mexican charmer and Pancho was the guy who was always good for a laugh!

But, picture this - Cisco wore an all black outfit with fancy embroidery (and it never got dirty)! He was very dashing and super charming and all the ladies fell for him! Of course Cisco was dedicated to doing good everywhere, so the most a lady ever got was a kiss before he and Pancho rode off together!

As you know, Cisco's horse was "Diablo" and, by the way, was all decked out in silver saddle and bridle! Pancho's horse was "Loco".

Cisco did carry a gun but usually all he ever did with it was shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand. Pancho, a big funny guy, did most of the fighting (see, he didn't wear a fancy outfit!) and he was really good with a bullwhip. So, The Cisco Kid flicks didn't have a lot of gunplay.

Pancho didn't speak English very well and you may remember one of his regular lines - "Ceesco! Let's went!" He was always looking out for Cisco because the local sheriff (or "shereef" as Pancho would say!) was usually hot on their trail!

This colorful duo had exactly 156 episodes on TV; everyone of them ended with a corny joke that had something to do with the adventure they just had. They would both laugh, and Cisco would say "Oh, Pancho!" and Pancho would say "Oh, Cisco!" and then they would ride off into the sunset as the credits rolled. I probably didn't see all 156 of the episodes, but I saw a lot! How many do you think you saw?

More about the Actors!

DUNCAN RENALDO, whose real name was Renault Renaldo Duncan, had a rather uncertain history. He is thought to have been from Spain but that is just because his earliest childhood memories were from Spain. He was orphaned and never knew his exact place and date of birth, though that is thought to be April 23, 1904. He emigrated to the United States in the early 1920's on a 90-day seaman's permit, but stayed because the ship caught fire and burned to the waterline.

Duncan tried to make a living as a portrait painter but couldn't support himself and, somehow, got into producing short films and, eventually, signed a contract with MGM in 1928. Since he looked Hispanic he was usually cast as a Latin lover.

In the early 1930's he was arrested and almost deported because he was an illegal immigrant. As luck would have it, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who owned one of Duncan's paintings, heard about his problem and persuaded her husband, President Franklin Roosevelt, to intervene on his behalf which he did by issuing a pardon for him.

Duncan Renaldo starred in several minor films, playing both hero and villain. He also co-starred as one of the Three Musketeers. He retired soon after the end of "The Cisco Kid" series, his best-known role, and died of lung cancer at the Goleta Valley Community Hospital in California in 1980, at the age of 76.

After "The Cisco Kid" series ended production, LEO CARRILLO appeared in the episode "Rescue at Sea" of the military drama series "Men of Annapolis". He died in Santa Monica, CA on September 10, 1961 at the age of 81.

What do you remember most about The Cisco Kid?

What are your special memories of The Cisco Kid? Please share them!

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Cisco was drop-dead gorgeous! 
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Meeting Cisco and Pancho in person 
In 1952, my father took me to the Boston Gardens to see the Cisco Kid and Pancho who were appearing there along with a rodeo. In those days, the B&M railroad …

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Cisco & Pancho were two of my favorite characters. The series was filmed in color but shown only in black & white. Duncan had been in movies for years, …

I remember Diablo was played by more than one horse. Some scenes show different markings on his horse. Leo Carillo was 70 years old when he began as …

Meeting him in Toronto Not rated yet
I met the Cisco Kid and shook his hand at the Canadian National Expo. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What a thrill!

Pancho's Malapropisms Not rated yet
I loved Pancho's malapropisms, like "Cisco,Let's went" and "Yeah, like Cisco said, put that in your smoke and pipe it." Also, his intermittent sudden …

Cisco's guest appearance on ATVs Lunch Box show Not rated yet
In the early 60s, Duncan Renaldo appeared on ATVs British lunchtime programme entitled "Lunch Box". Duncan was interviewed by the shows hostess, actress …

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I am almost 62 and started watching "The Cisco Kid" in reruns on Sundays in 1957 when I was 4. My father was an ALC Lutheran minister and he had just …

Diablo--more beautiful and spectacular than Trigger or Silver! Only Fury was his equal in beauty! I was a horse nut too! Not rated yet
One problem--it was all TOO obvious by the very different black and white markings on each horse, that at least three, possibly four, horses played Diablo …

50s kid Not rated yet
Cowboy hats and sombreros seemed to stay on in fights, while riding, or jumping off things..... Ah, the simplicity! Now repeating on local tv.

On the first TV my parents owned, I watched The Cisco kid. Not rated yet
One year at the NY state fair they had a rodeo and Pancho riding Loco made a pass along the rail. All the kids including myself touched his long blanket …

Leo Carillo needs mentioning Not rated yet
A university graduate, Carrillo worked as a newspaper cartoonist for the San Francisco Examiner before turning to acting on Broadway. In Hollywood, he …

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I loved all the black and white paints he rode. How many were there, and who supplied them?

The many different black and white pintos Cisco rides Not rated yet
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One of my favorites as a little tyke, born in 1946! Not rated yet
Didn't one of the lead characters yell "Vaya con Dios" at the end of every show?

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He was a hero to little kids Not rated yet
I was born in 1952. Out by the long prairie, Cisco and Poncho were Spanish hunks in my early acting career. They always nabbed the bad guys and drunken …

Weren't he and Poncho in Of Mice and Men Not rated yet
I just have a question. Weren't Poncho and Cisco actors in "Of Mice and Men"?

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As a child I could not have imagined that it was all pretend. I believed all of it and my mom even took me to see the Cisco kid in person. I will never …

I got to see him in person!  Not rated yet
The Cisco Kid was on his horse and was riding around the arena, shaking hands with everyone. I swore I was in love with him and he looked me in the eyes …

I got to see him in person when I was a young girl Not rated yet
He was on his horse and was riding around the arena and would shake hands with everyone. I swore I was in love with him, and that he looked me right in …

Our local movie theater was a bargain Not rated yet
I used to see the Cisco Kid on Saturday afternoon at our local theatre. For only 16 cents we saw 2 feature movies, cartoons and a serial of the week …

The humor after the show Not rated yet
I have always liked the Cisco Kid show, & still do. I would like to see some reruns. I used to run home from school to watch the show. I had to fight off …

Judy Morse Braddy Not rated yet
I always loved them. Duncan was 30 or 40 years younger than Leo. They were smart looking, and always got a good laugh at the end of the show. Or I would …

A trivial question! Not rated yet
I lived in the hills above Malibu CA circa '93-'99. I was told a ranch house, at that time called "the Lazy J", was built for Duncan reynaldo, the star …

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I got 2 meet & pet Diablo when I was a girl in Chicago, Il while riding at the old Clark St. Stables. It was in the late 1950's. The sign over his stall …

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I used to watch the Cisco Kid every week on TV. I will never forget waiting as a kid for the appearance of Cisco at Boston Garden, set up with a dirt …

Diablo Not rated yet
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I am living in the Netherlands. I remember the Cisco Kid stories which were printed in a communist newspaper for years.....!!!!! (about 1950-1960). The …

In the newspaper and as a comic story Not rated yet
I am living in the Netherlands and I remember Cisco Kid comic stories were printed in a communist newspaper from about 1950-1960. The newspaper was "de …

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it was about 1964. Me and my brother would rush home from school to watch the show. One day we were outside of our home (this was before the main super …

1954 when I was a boy in Puerto Rico; Not rated yet
One of my favorite episodes was the one that I remember where a crow that used to talk turned the bad guy into the Cisco Kid.

The Cisco Kid comes to town Not rated yet
In Oct., 1961, the Cisco Kid & his horse Diablo came to my hometown of Austell, Georgia as grand marshall of our fall festival that year. We all had a …

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