Chuck Courtney

by Nancy E. Barr
(Burbank California )

Chuck played the Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid, whose father, Dan Reid, Sr. Was one of the Rangers killed. Chuck would occasionally join both Clayton Moore and John Hart when Dan had a vacation from college. He helped in the series to capture the bad guys with The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Chuck was a handsome blond, a good friend of mine....was an actor for a while, then became a very good stuntman and 2nd unit director. Unfortunately, he had a stroke, I believe in 1990.... unable to talk, but we understood what he tried to say. He lived like that for ten years and died of a gunshot wound....since he was right handed, never will I believe he shot himself.. His wife was only one home when it happened...his young son and daughter were out of the house. No one else was there. He remained friendly with Clayton Moore. He also had a gorgeous smaller white horse in the show.

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