Both Chester and Festus

by Flynn Welles

I use to say it was Chester, but then, Festus sorta grew on me. I'm actually watching Gunsmoke as I am writing this. It's the episode where Matt and Kitty were on their way to St. Louis, and Matt was called back to testify at a trial. Kitty got angry and went with the Stage and gets involved with a gunslinger, a real good story, and all the characters are in this one, (except for Chester). But I like them both, Chester and Festus.

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Feb 28, 2013
Festus? or Chester? NEW
by: Bren

Chester and his "MR DILLON! MR. DILLON!" will go to my grave with me. I loved Chester, and I felt SO SO sorry for him when he was engaged to be married, he and his girl put earned money in the bank together, and then she had the nerve to take all that money and run!! Chester found out about it when he went to the bank to withdraw enough money to buy a pump to pump water out of their underground room that he made for her to live in. That didn't go over well at all!! Anyway, that sucked the life out of him and he had to go back to work for Marshall Dillon. I don't think he was ever a deputy even, was he? Just a helper for Matt??? But I loved to hear Ken Curtis sing, too, so it's really a toss-up between them - if Festus ever took a bath!!! hahaha Loved 'em.

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