Bonanza is still my all time favorite show and the first show I ever saw in color. Each character played his role to perfection.

by Nicolas Gadbury
(Mt. Pleasant Michigan)

I loved the episodes when all 4 Cartwrights rode together and guns were blazing. Adam was my favorite character and even though I never lost interest in the show I missed Adam as the distinguished, level headed brother and I can easily see why he and Lorne Greene remained friends in real life. I am going to be 62 and My identical twin past away last year and when I watch Bonanza reruns my "happy thoughts" flash back to the 60's when life was simple and free and my brother and I would stay up on a Sunday night watching Bonanza when we were supposed to be getting ready for bed and doing our homework. Plain and simple, Bonanza was pure entertainment for every age and ethnic group, rich or poor. For Christmas my daughter just bought me the Bonanza series DVDs .
I really loved Hoss's character and the comical episodes with him, Adam and Little Joe still make me smile. However, my ALL TIME favorite actor in any capacity was Michael Landon.
Without a doubt Bonanza will always be my favorite T V show and anyone who knows me knows this. I can even sing the Bonanza theme song :) and Lorne Green's other song on the flip side "Ringo".

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