Annie and her 'boyfriend', the deputy

by Brenda
(Minden, LA, USA)

When the telephone came to their town, Annie was talking on it one day trying to get in touch with/talk to Lofty about a date they had made. Of course she had to get rid of the bad guys first, and then she was trying to master this new-fangled thing they called the "telephone." She was talking on it (party line, of course) calling Lofty's name with her back to the front door when Lofty walked in. She called his name on the phone, and he said, in person, 'Yes, Annie.' But someone else was talking in between and Annie couldn't be sure she was talking to Lofty, so she repeated his name, and he answered again in person, and then she realized he was right behind her. A big laugh for the audience, and that's when that particular show ended!!! hahaha She showed up one time on the Andy Griffin show as a romantic interest for Andy, and she outshot him!! Made Barney hopping mad, of course. I didn't know Gail Davis was already dead. We've lost another good one, haven't we?

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