Adam, Hoss and Little Joe

by Alfred Vyoral...savannah
(Baytown,Tx U.S)

I still am In love with BONANZA!!! When I was 4 or 5 I would sit and wait for hours during the day, right in front of the tv with my grandpa, for Bonanza to come on. From the start I always loved the classic Bonanza theme song and the cast and characters . Just about every night at 4:30, the whole family would all fight over the chair that that was closest to the television set we had.

Everyone's favorite episode was Hoss and the Leprechauns because Hoss was lookin for the leprechauns and Little Joe wasn't well hidden behind the trees.

The best Joe and Hoss part is when they get all them hilarious Girby Royal rabbits and Joe wants to skin them all but Hoss wants his share. He puts little Joe in a little tiny ol' bunny cage and sits on it til' their pa walks in. Or when Little Joe brings "Cal" home and leaves the rest of the clan to think Cal is a guy! So Hoss just walks up into that bathroom to bring a towel to who he thought was a guy, and then hysterically doesn't find the Cal that Joe brung in! He attempts to rush down stairs to get Joe but ends up just sayin' "OH LORDY" a half dozen times till Joe and them finally get the picture that Cal is a gal and aint no drunken kid that Joe miraculously found in an ol' saloon. Hoss was being a Peeping Tom that night which Adam and little Joe found quite hysterical.

I guess me and my younger cousin used to argue over which one of us was gunna get to marry little Joe... believe me I always won that battle. I will always put Little Joe as my favorite man from the Cartwright clan, but I really love Adam and Hoss too.

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Oct 12, 2015
by: Brandon Vest

Joe was my favorite. I also though about marrying her. Then when I grew up, I began writing poems and rhymes dedicated to her. They are even now saved at I keep posting them.

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