Johnny Crawford

Johnny Crawford was born in Los Angeles in 1946 to a show business family. His mother was a pianist; his father a film editor; and all 4 of his grandparents made their livings in music. He inherited their 78rpm records, listened to them over and over, and came to love the sound of the old dance bands.

He began his career as one of the original Mouseketeers when "The Mickey Mouse Club" made its debut in 1955. Then, in 1958, he was tapped for the role of Mark McCain in "The Rifleman", one of the most popular tv series of its time.

His music career took off during the 5-year run of "The Rifleman". He was a teen idol pop vocalist, with 5 Top 40 pop hits in the early '60's including "Cindy's Birthday" which was his most successful. And he continued to sing and act in films, on tv, and on the stage for many years.

In 1989 he returned to Los Angeles to start his own group, after being a vocalist with "The Nighthawks", a popular dance orchestra in New York. One of his earliest supporters was Hugh Heffner of Playboy fame, who hired Crawford's band to play at his famous mansion. It wasn't long before his orchestra was drawing big crowds into hotel ballrooms and other venues.

Today The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra is still in demand for many events with their vibrant arrangements of hits from the '20's and '30's, and have produced many CD's and DVD's.