Who Were Your Favorite TV Cowboys?

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of TV cowboys - those good guys who always saved the day for the town folk and never ever got their shirts dirty in the process!

I remember them in their crisp cowboy outfits, with their trusty sidekicks, and a horse that, more than a few times, helped them out of a tough spot!

If they ever did get into it with the bad guy they always won! And walked away looking great with their hat still firmly in place!

Well, I kinda miss those old cowboy shows so I decided to get them back together again, right here, so we can take a fun walk down memory lane.

You'll see pics and clips from the old shows

Relive all your memories of your favorite TV cowboys

Even learn a few "little known" facts

So, to borrow a familiar opening line (was this one of your favorites?),

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!"

TV Cowboys Origin  Learn all about how TV cowboys were fashioned from the history of real-life cowboys

Lash La Rue  Learn all about Lash La Rue and his early Western movie and TV show career

Cisco Kid  Story of the Cisco Kid show from silent films to radio to TV .... all you want to know about Cisco Kid

Gunsmoke  Get the history of Gunsmoke, TV's first adult western and longest running TV Western series, plus character information and relationships

Hopalong Cassidy  This is the place to learn all the fun and little-known facts about the Hopalong Cassidy tv show

The Lone Ranger  Learn more than you ever knew about the Lone Ranger, his beginning, the radio show and TV series.

Gene Autry  Learn all about Gene Autry and his career as a cowboy star on TV and in films

Roy Rogers  All the info about Roy Rogers and his TV show with wife Dale Evans on the Double R Bar Ranch

Bonanza  Everything about the Bonanza TV show and its cast

The Virginian  All the info about The Virginian tv show, its cast, and other little-known facts

The Rifleman  All about the Rifleman.... actors.... plot.... all the details

Annie Oakley  Relive the Annie Oakley TV show and learn details about the actress who played Annie

Cheyenne  Learn all about Clint Walker, his life and career, including the "Cheyenne" TV show

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